Omnitheism is not a religion, it is a recognition that all religions have at their core the Golden Rule and at this core they are in harmony.

Humans needed the Golden Rule as our societies changed from hunter-gatherers to farmers and merchants during the Axial Age. The religions came about as a way to socialize behavioral change necessary to allow us to live side-by-side with strangers. Religions taught us a new morality. Church/Temple/Mosque was an effective way to spread the new behavior, especially to illiterate citizens, creating a centralized organization that due to human nature became a societal control structure under a conservative power hierarchy.

Unsatisfied with the simplicity of the morality of the Golden Rule those in power modified and added to the moral teaching until the strangest of behavior became a requirement of religion. Genital mutilation, dress codes, flagellation, prudishness, vows of poverty and all sorts of similar insanity became expected rites of passage to prove membership in the club.

And then the killing began. The very behavior that brought about the Axial Age: indiscriminate murder of “others” became the goal of religion.

Omnitheism is a process of recognizing and respecting all religious and philosophical paths by stripping away the control structures, the dogma and power that enforces distinction between beliefs. It is a method to return to the simple morality that allow strangers to live comfortably together without choosing the constraints that divide us.

Omnitheism brings us together is respect, trust and rejects the decorations and weaponry of religions.